MS DOOR are totally free of wooden material or any environment depleting substances. It makes MS Door environment friendly. That helps to save trees and save environment.


MS DOORS are fire proof because of its material used in making them. Safety doors are made of galvanized  iron or galvanized steel or stainless steel. That prevents fire propagation at burning home. For that specialized reason customers are more likely to use MS Doors.


MS Doors are treated multi layer anti rust coating while manufacturing it that makes it rust proof and also ensure moisture resistance.


As MS Doors are free of wooden material so that there is no chance of insect bite or termite exploitation.

MS SAFETY Doors are nearly about unbreakable. The obvious merit of MS DOORS is providing protection against robbers, thief etc. any robber can break doors only if they will use any sophisticated machinery to cut the doors. And some doors are made drill proof, special device are required to open them.


MS SAFETY DOORS are extremely durable and are not prone to cracks or other imperfections that results from misuse, pressure or adverse weather conditions.


MS SAFETY DOORS are manufactured in vast array of design and colors to complement any home décor. They provide a polished look to the exterior of your home while simultaneously increasing your property value.


A main benefit of MS SAFETY DOORS that people often overlook is their ability to reduce your energy bills. During hot months security doors can be bolted while the main door left open, allowing a cool breeze to circulate through the house while in the winter the extra layer steel helps insulate the doorway from chilly wind.


  1. First ensure correct opening direction (right or left) in case of single door before placing order and pre installation of MS Safety Doors.
  2. The clearance provides shall be plumb and without any undulation.
  3. A 5mm clearance should be given more than the size of doors. EG: for 2050 mm*960mm door, then clearance should be 2055mm*965mm.
  4. Always install door in correct alignment and plumb level for smooth application.
  5. Door frame should be fastened with anchor fastener to adjacent structure to retain stability. Always use Fastener given by M S DOOR and use drill bit accordingly to create whole in the wall.
  6. After installation adjust door for proper operation.
  7. Fill empty frame with grout and slump consistency.
  8. Gaps between frame and retaining wall, if any may be filled with Fischer multi foam solution.
  9. If any deviation found please contact to M S SAFETY DOOR AND WOODS team.

MAINTENANCE: Check the hinges regularly to see if they seem to squeak. If they do use light weight household sewing machine oil to lubricate them in working order

CLEANING: Remove dirt and take foam solution(hair shampoo)  with warm water and clean with foam solution by cotton cloth and allow to dry completely. Polish with wax polish suitable for automobile use.

PRECAUTION: Stock the door vertically under covered site. Do not use not vented plastic or canvas shelters. Wet wrappers or cartoons should be removed immediately provide adequate space between doors to promote air circulation.